Planning Section
1. Mr. Bhupinder Singh Asstt. Director (P&S)


Overview of Planning Section of Govt. Dental College/Hospital 

Planning and Statistics Section comprises of following officers/officials:

• Assistant Director (P&S)
• Statistical Officer
• Statistical Assistant  
• Junior Statistical Assistant

The Planning & Statistics wing of Govt. Dental College /Hospital Srinagar plays significant role in terms of boosting of infrastructural developmental activities.
The Planning & Statistics section keeps an eye on the overall developments and the structural changes that may have to be introduced from time to time. The Planning process provides the information in such a way that helps to make the effective decisions regarding the optimal utilization of resources thereby enabling this institution to reach the higher goals.

The formulation of annual plans, five year plans, formulation of works programme, creation proposal, release of funds are some of the duties and responsibilities of the Planning and Statistics section. Planning staff formulates the plan proposals in a technical way to achieve the objectives to the satisfaction of the requirements. This section also maintains and collects up-to-date data/Statistics from various HOD’s of this institution and compiles it in the shape of valuable information.

Planning & Statistics section keeps an up-to-date account of plan schemes and to watch closely their implementation. It regularly evaluates all the newly implemented schemes. It brings out monthly report on developmental programmes and achievements of the institution indicating the physical targets and achievements.


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