Govt Dental College/Hospital Srinagar Government Dental College/Hospital established in the year 1986, the Construction work started in the year 1994 at a total project cost of Rs. 4380.53 lacs .The GDC Sgr is comprising of six blocks, Registration Block, Ancillary Block, Canteen/Recreation block, two water sumps and Multilevel Parking Block. The hospital is equipped with Central heating system and lifts. The construction work is expected to be completed during the current financial year (2013-14).

Girls Hostel at Shreen Bagh Srinagar 

The construction work of Girls Hostel within the premises of Govt. Dental College, Srinagar started in Jan/2010 at a total project cost of Rs. 888.97 lacs and is expected to be completed during current financial year(2013-14).The hostel is four storied building accommodating about 148 girl students.

Boys Hostel cum Residential Flats at Bemina Srinagar 

The construction work of Boys Hostel Cum residential flats at Bemina Sgr. started in the year NOV/2007 and has been got completed in the year 2012-13 at a project cost of Rs1070.52 lacs .The L-shaped four storied block accommodates about 150 students and a separate three storied building provides Residential facilities for faculty as well as DCI inspectors, examiners and other dignitaries visiting this institution.