Legal Section
1. Smt. Nadia Legal Assistant  7006797484


 Legal Section, GDC & Hospital, Srinagar:

It is an undisputed fact that Government and its various agencies are major litigants in courts and other Legal fora. The litigation against “State” has increased manifold. Therefore, the need of the hour is to take this increase in the litigation against the State seriously. The sole aim of the Legal Section is that good government cases are to be won and bad cases are not unnecessarily pursued. The Legal Section of the GDC & H, Sgr headed by the Legal Assistant deals with the litigation work of the college, both at the High Court level and the Subordinate Courts. It deals with the cases pertaining to service matters of its employees, Doctors and also with the cases of Admission or mutual transfers of the Students etc. It also deals with the RTI application addressed to this Institution and being an APIO deals in the preparation of replies to the applicants/information seekers. Legal Section is a link between the Court and the Department and provides the factual material and the documents pertaining to the particular writs/Cases. Legal Section has to discuss and examine the petition/plaint and see whether the petition/civil suit is worth to be contested or not, and this examination is based on reasons and supported by Law. Legal Section keeps the constant track of the litigation going on against the Department.