Public Health Dentistry
1. Dr. Aasim Farooq Shah

Assistant Professor 

2. Dr. Sibat Mujtaba

Dental Surgeon

4. Dr. Mohammad Hanief Dental Surgeon    


Overview of the department:

Public health dentistry is one of the 9 specialties of dentistry in India .It is the Science and art of presenting Oral and dental diseases and promoting oral and Dental health as well as general health of people in community.

The public health dentist have broad knowledge and skills in program administration research methods, prevention and control of diseases and providing dental care services for both school children and people in the community.

The department of community dentistry is responsible for organization camps in various underserved areas both in rural and urban areas and schools. The camp treatment is rendered with the help of mobile dental chairs and portable dental equipment which includes ultrasonic Scalers, filling instruments and materials along with mobile compressor.

Preliminary dental treatment is rendered in the mobile dental chairs and for more complex treatment procedures, the patients are referred to the dental College.

Currently 10 dental chairs are functional under the department,also a counselling cell is being created in the department were chronic smokers and tobacco consumers are given counselling for quiting tobacco and tobacco products.


The aim of public health dentistry department is to serve as a forum for Scientifically based information in community dentistry, with the intention of continually expanding the knowledge in the field.

The scope is therefore broad, ranging from original studies in epidemiology, behavioral sciences and health services research through methodological reports in programe planning, implementation and evaluation. Reports dealing with people of all age groups are welcome , including those relating to research in geriatric dentistry and care provision for the elderly.


•  camps in various government and private schools and in underserved Areas.

•  college run’s dental health centre at ‘sub district hospital Tangmarg”.

•  public health center “sallar”.


•  Study done on oral health status of 1161 inmates of 23 orphanages in Kashmir division.

•  Study done on oral health status of government higher secondary school Inmates in Srinagar district.


•  Dr.Aasim Farooq Shah - Incharge,HOD(Incharge) (BDS,MDS).

  Dr. Sibat Mujtaba - Dental surgeon(BDS).

•  Dr. Mohammad Hanief - Dental surgeon(BDS).

•  Mohammad Amin Mir - Dental Hygienist