1. Dr. Suhail Majid Jan HOD & Professor 9419038182
2. Dr. Roobal Behal Associate Professor 9596532621
3. Dr. Syed Saima Amin


4. Dr. Mehraj Ahmad Kirmani Dental Surgeon    


 It is a branch of dentistry which deals with the study of supporting structures (Periodontium) of the tooth and with the diseases affecting the same.

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The Department of Periodontology has three spacious section viz. undergraduate section, hygienist  clinic and postgraduate section. This makes us possible to work more efficiently and also treat more no. of patients at one time. The goal of the Department is, to pass on knowledge and skills beyond examination system which will result in imparting education to the masses and bringing the social change, to help humanity wherein the downtrodden, people of low socio-economic status and the under privileged are considered. The dept. has well qualified experienced and dedicated faculty members with vast knowledge of the subject

The department is fully equipped with latest surgical equipment as well as diagnostic facilities which help in rendering accurate diagnosis and the subsequent correct treatment to the patients. The department is well equipped with 40 dental chairs and modern dental equipment like ultrasonic scalers, electro - cautery, light cure units, also bone grafting materials and GTR.


Our aim is to educate dentists through excellence in patient care, education and research.


  • Provide the highest quality education to prepare our dental graduates to deliver general dental care in a changing environment.
  • Maintain a nationally recognized advanced education program in periodontics.
  • Provide the highest quality of patient care in predoctoral, postdoctoral and faculty clinics.
  • Recruit, retain and nurture a vital, diverse and collegial faculty.
  • Provide a productive and supportive work and learning environment.
  • Serve as a resource to the University, the profession and the state.


HOD Desk

The Department of Periodontics deals with the study of tooth supporting structures, in health and disease. It is also concerned with the prevention and corrective measures in the management of gingival and periodontal diseases.

The Department began as an undergraduate training center; and later the post- graduate section was setup in 2009. Since then, 4 students have been churned out at the post-graduate level alone.

The post-graduate students are encouraged to unleash their free thinking as a part of problem-based learning activities. They are expected to carry out state of the art research activities in the form of dissertations and publications.   

We plans are to conduct many programs catering to various diversifications of the subject – Immunology, Host modulation, Periodontal microsurgery, Genetics, Implants and so on.

The Department has always stood for its “ Tradition of Excellence” since last 20 years and shall continue sowing its seeds of wisdom for many more years to come….. 


Services offered:-

1.   1.      Preliminary / Emergency treatment –

  • Treatment of Abscess- Gingival, Periodontal, Pericoronal
  • Treatment of Acute gingival diseases- ANUG, AHGS, Acute Pericoronititis
  • Occlusal evaluation in Periodontal diseases / Trauma From Occlusion / Plunger cusps Selective occlusal grinding – Coronoplasty

2.      Non Surgical Treatment –

  • Scaling & Polishing – Supragingival &Subgingival;Root Planing

3.      Surgical treatment –

  • Gingival curettage,Gingivectomy, Operculectomy, Surgical excision of gingival overgrowths / Epulis, Periodontal flap surgery, Osseous surgery - Regenerative surgery, Resective surgery, Mucogingival surgery – Root coverage – Free Gingival & Connective Tissue Graft, Pedicle Flaps

4.      Interdisciplinary Periodontics

  • Preprosthetic Surgeries – Vestibuloplasty, Crown lengthening procedure, Soft Tissue Ridge Augmentations, Frenectomy
  • Adjunctive to Orthodontics – Surgical exposure of Impacted teeth
  • Perio-Endo Lesions Treatment

5.      Advanced Periodontal surgery –

  • Electrocautery,,Piezosurgery, laser, Dental Implants