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1. Mr. Manzoor Ahmad Nilla Sr. Photographer 9419063145
2. Mr. Arshed Hussain Artist 9797113997  

The Art/Photography Section at GDC Srinagar

The Art/Photography Section at GDC Srinagar is associated with its main library of GDC. The main aim of this section is to provide visual assistance/help to the students/Departments of the college & Hospital for the levels of education and treatment. The section also provides technical support for designing/making layouts , posters, presentations, seminars and other related needs. The section also facilitate students with internet & printing facility.  

We provide technical assistance to the students and support the college's general education requirements.

The Art/Photography Section also maintains an Active visual record of the events of the institute.

The Art/Photography Section at GDC Srinagar is a joint  section both in name and spirit. We believe that neither of the two branches of our discipline cannot be meaningful without the other.

  “I put my heart and soul into my work, and lost my mind in the process”  

 Vincent van Gogh