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1. Dr. Abdul Lateef Mattoo Purchase Officer 9419005643 puroff@gdcsrinagar.org

Functioning of Purchase Section

 The Purchase Section of this institution is well established since long for procurement of Machinery/Equipments, Instruments, Dental Material & Emergency Drugs.

All the purchases are being made on the approved Rate Contracts issued by various Purchase Committees of Health & Medical Education Department constituted by the Govt.

Purchases are strictly being made on the requisitions received from various Head of the Departments and Section Heads of this institution.

Purchase Section is also dealing with the Local/Emergent Purchase of the items for which there is no approved source for procurement by floating Short Term Tender Notice and procurement of Dental/Medical Science Books & Journals by floating Notice Inviting Discount Offer.

Till now various hi-tech machinery/Equipments like Digital Panaromic & Cephalometric X-Ray Image Unit (OPG), Vertical Rack Sterilization System (VRS), Digital Radiography Unit with Cordless Sensor, Portable Endodontic Unit, Soft Tissue Laser etc have been procured and installed in the institution for better patient care.

Recent achievements of the Purchase Section are:

1)       Commissioning of Official Web-Site www.gdcsrinagar.org

2)      Installation of Biometric Time & Attendance System in the institution


The officers/officials working in the Purchase Section are:

1.       Dr. Abdul Lateef Mattoo                    Purchase Officer

2.       Mr. Abid Ahmad Qureshi                    Senior Stenographer

3.       Mrs. Nusrat Pervin                           Junior Stenographer

4.       Mr. Swaran Lal                               Xerox Attendant